Sn2 Speeder

On a vacation to Maine, J.T. McCabe saw that the local narrow gauge railroad could use a faster, more economical way of getting fresh lobsters from the docks to the inland towns. Since his own railroad had great success with the MoW speeders his crew designed, he felt he could sell the local boys on giving one a try.

Nicknamed 'The Lumbering Lobster' by the shop crew, this two-foot speeder was built in the McCabe company shops utilizing an old boxcar body and a truck chassis. Painted lobster red as a joke, it was loaded on a flat car and shipped north.

The fully-assembled mechanism is American Made! It features a sheet brass frame, lost-wax end beams and steps, NWSL gears and HOn3 wheelsets.

It is a limited edition kit!

#08282 Sn2 $ 139.95

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