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West Side Lumber Company
Logging Flat Car

For most of this century, the West Side Lumber Company hauled huge logs from the California forests on simple, small flatcars. A most flexible piece of equipment, these cars ended up being the basis for boxcars, cabooses, and utility flatcars on the WSLCo.

The kit can be built as either a logging flat car or the equipment flat car. It consists of laser-cut wood components designed for fast assembly. A single-piece frame, deck, and pre-drilled holes (well, most are!) allow the modeler to build this car in about an hour. Grandt Line nut-bolt-washer castings, custom decals, and brass brake components round out the kit. Designed for Kadee HO couplers, the kit is less trucks and couplers.

#09421 WSLCo 24' Logging Flat Car, Sn3 $ 19.95
#09422 WSLCo 24' Logging Flat Car, Sn3, 5-pack $ 89.95

Experience Logging in O and S scales!

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