S Scale Diesel Locos

Model built and painted by Jerry Poniatowski


The link between an F Unit and Geep!

In 1948, the first of 59 branch line locos rolled out of the EMD shops. This loco was the link between the F-units and the first of the Geeps. With curved fenders, slab sides, and angled hoods, most folks either love or hate the beast!

According to our sources*, nine railroads owned BL2s:

   Bangor & Aroostook		 8
   Boston & Maine		 4
   Chicago & Eastern Illinois	 3
   Chesapeake & Ohio		14
   Florida East Coast		 6
   Missouri Pacific		 8
   Monon			 9
   Rock Island			 5
   Western Maryland		 2

Our BL2 consists of five major castings with loads of detail molded in place; the body is a one-piece casting with separate end castings, frame and fuel tank. In addition, easy to install lost-wax castings for fan housings, exhaust stacks, door handles, air horns, MU hoses, and air hoses are included to provide the ultimate in detail.

This BL2 is designed to use the trucks, gear towers, and motor from an American Models' FP unit.

Decals are available!


06400            BL2 Kit w/o Mechanism             Sold Out - Discontinued




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Many thanks go to Larry for the use of his BL photos!

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* - Mainline Modeler

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