Greenbrier Railroad Models

Phase I Versions

Are Available from B.T.S.

Greenbrier Railroad Models (GRM) is headquartered in the beautiful state of West Virginia.

The first GRM project is an S scale GP-30

Offered in natural brass, this model features castings by O.C.S. Micro Casting, and was built by OCS Precision Engineering Models of Korea. A detail parts bag contains the air horn, radio antenna, snow plow, and other details.

Phase I - Low Hood: $779
As used by: ATSF, B&O, C&O, CB&Q,D&RGW, Phelps Dodge, Reading, SAL, UP

Phase I - Low Hood - Non-Dynamic Brake: $779
As used by: L&N, NYC

Phase I - High Hood: N&W $789

Phase II - Low Hood: $779
As used by: Alaska, ATSF, C&O, CB&Q, CP, C&EI, CGW, D&RGW, GN, KCS, SSW, SAL, SP, UP

Phase II - Low Hood - Non-Dynamic Brake: $779
As used by: ACL, CNW, TP&W, L&N, NKP

Phase II - Low Hood - ALCo Trucks: $779
As used by: GM&O, MILW

Phase II - Low Hood - ALCo Trucks Sold Out!
- Non-Dynamic: SOO

Phase II - Low Hood - PRR Antenna: PRR $819

B-Unit: UP $789

Quantities are very limited !
Most versions have ten or less units left available.

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