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After several years of planning and effort,
we have found an experienced locomotive builder
willing to make very small runs of high-quality
locomotives for us.

These locos are in high demand with those
who want quality, and especially those wishing to point
to their locos proudly and say "I built it!"

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Standard Gauge Steam


Narrow Gauge Steam


General Locomotive Information

The Steam Loco kits feature urethane, pewter, and brass components:

Hollow Boilers Separate Cabs Hollow Tender Tanks Brass Loco Frames Brass Tender Trucks Brass and White Metal Details RP25 Contour Wheels NWSL or Northyard Gearing Can Motors Assembly using Epoxy or ACC, and Low-Temp Solder Illustrated Instructions Most are available in Kit Form or Semi-Kit with Assembled Mechanism

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