Steam Locos

All items are Scale - Not Hi-Rail!

After several years of planning and effort, we have found an experienced locomotive builder willing to make very small runs of high-quality steam locomotives for us.
  Available in Kit Form and Semi-Kit with assembled mechanism, these small locos will be in high demand for collectors, those with limited layout space wanting small power, or those simply wishing to point to their locos proudly and say "I built it!"
Our kits consist of white metal and/or urethane casting, lost-wax brass, white metal, and urethane castings, and photoetched brass sheets. Assembly can be done with low-temp solder, epoxy, or ACC. Only simple hand tools are required.

Many of our offerings are standard Baldwin Locomotive Works 'catalog' locomotives. While we have selected specific prototypes for these models, they were build from a standard design, and similar locos appeared on other roads.


#06100     Baldwin 0-6-0

E.B.T. #6

S Scale

#06101     Baldwin 2-8-0

Ma & Pa #41

S Scale

#06104     Baldwin 2-8-0

Ma & Pa #42

S Scale

#06102     Baldwin 2-8-0

Ma & Pa #43

S Scale

#06103     Baldwin 2-8-0

Ma & Pa #26

S Scale

#06108     PRR     2-8-0


S Scale

#16115     Wabash  2-6-2


O Scale

#16116     Mason  4-4-0

O Scale

Standard Locomotive Information

The Steam Loco kits feature components of urethane, pewter and brass. 

	Hollow Boilers 				Separate Cabs 
	Hollow Tender Tanks			Brass Loco Frames 
	Brass Tender Trucks 			Brass and White Metal Details 
	RP25 Contour Wheels 			NWSL or Northyard Gearing 
	Can Motors					 
	Assembly using Epoxy or ACC,		 
	       and Low-Temp Solder              Illustrated Instructions


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