S Scale E.B.T. #6

S Standard Gauge

Here is #6 ready to get to work!
Special thanks go to Nelson Kennedy for his photographic work!

Engineer's Side Front              Fireman's Side Front

Tender Detail              Fireman's Side Detail

3/4 Rear Fireman's Side              Fireman's Side Builders' Photo

Engineer's Side 3/4 Front

Here are some photos of the sample model prior to painting. Still needs a number plate and builders plates.

Engineer's Side Builder's Photo              Fireman's Side Builder's Photo

Fireman's Side Detail Photo              Fireman's Side Detail Photo

Front Detail Photo              Engineer's Side Detail Photo

Tender Top Detail Photo              Tender Front Detail Photo

Tender Side Detail Photo              Cab Interior Detail Photo

Top-Down Loco Detail Photo              Top-Down Detail Photo

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