Main Building
Hyde Pulp Mill

This is the second pulp mill Mr. Hyde has built on this piece of ground. The first was lost in a fire. This second one followed the basic design of the first, but featured the new, fire-resistant shingles that had just come on the market. As with the first mill, this one was originally serviced by the McCabe Lumber Co. railroad, a three-foot narrow gauge line. Later, with the increase of incoming pulpwood and resulting outgoing pulp, a standard gauge line was also run to the mill. Since it was built to narrow gauge clearances, some difficulty exists with access by standard gauge equipment.

From the chip storage bin, an auger brings chips into this building. There they are again screened for size and loaded into the digester. This digester is a simple pressure tank that will hold the chips, water, and chemicals while they cook. This process takes around eight hours.

From the digester, the soggy pulp is moved to drying screens where it is air-dryed, and compressed into slabs. The slabs are cut and stacked for movement to the shipping building.

View from the Northwest corner of the property

Looking south at the side of the complex

Bird's eye view!

Looking from the west


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