Hyde Pulp Mill

This is the first in the Encore Series! Welcome back, Hyde!!

The Hyde Pulp Mill complex consists of eight buildings, a storage tank, and a riverside dock. And includes workers, rats, pigeons, and lots of junk and clutter.

The kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, and includes a load of brass, plastic, & white metal detail castings. The peel&stick window sashes and doors can be installed open or closed. Overall footprint is about a scale 180 x 95 and is serviced by two tracks. Scenery materials are not included.

Welcome to the tour of the Hyde Pulp Mill. The history of the mill is interesting, and we hope you will find time to look it over. It will help you understand why some things are as they are here at Hyde.

And we have a small discussion of the pulping process and the rail services needed for the Hyde Pulp Mill available for you. In addition to the specific buildings outlined below, here are overall views from the North and from the South.

Here is a map of the complex with points of interest marked. Click on the links on the right.


  1. Main Building
  2. Office
  3. Boiler House
  4. Shipping/Storage
  5. Chip Storage Bin
  6. Chipping Shed
  7. Pump House - Tank Car Loading Stand
  8. Repair Shed
  9. Floating Dock
  10. Turpentine Tank
Variations on the Hyde Pulp Mill

        #24095         Hyde Pulp Mill         HO         $ 439.95

The O scale version is underway. Click here for more info.

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