Hyde Pulp Mill

Originally, the finished slabs of pulp were bailed and stored in the main building. However, with the increase in the size of boxcars, and the increased production of the mill, this storage area was quickly outgrown. The new structure was built just across the track from the main loading door, and since additional office space was needed, a second story was included in the design.

While the original track beside the main building was rarely needed, the superintendent did not want to give up the possible use of the main loading door. Rather than a permanent platform connecting the two buildings, a removable affair was designed and used. While the need to take it out has not happened, he feels better knowing the opportunity exists.

Also, between the main building and the shipping/storage building is another bridge; suspended between the building, this bridge allows management to move from office to office on the second floor without going out in the elements.

The upper bridge keeps the boss dry in bad weather!

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