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Happy 2024 !!!

Wonderful news! 2023 is finally over! It was not much of a fun year for any of us as continued inflation caused our bank accounts to drop as everything cost us more. With living expenses much higher, finding funds for hobbies became harder. Here at B.T.S., I got to watch the cost of supplies and materials climb while I held kit prices down.

Starting my 45th year in the hobby business, the good news is growth continues. A total of thirteen new kits were added to the HO, S and O scale lines in 2023, and more are in the wings getting ready for their debut. Right now, the number of available kits stands at . . .

    185 - HO Scale Kits

    122 - S Scale Kits

    177 - O Scale Kits

    5 - TT Scale Kits

And hundreds of detail parts.

This year will see some changes happening at B.T.S.. I have some decisions to make, and I'm not sure what the end results will be. Or if this is the time to make those decisions. Whatever happens, you will be kept in the loop.

I greatly appreciate your continued support as we all look forward to having more fun together in 2024!

Thanks, and take care,


What the heck!

Why has a load of mountain spring water
been dropped at the Hyde Pulp Mill?

Guess we need to introduce the
Wizard Water Works
facility to the train crew soon.
Who knows, you might like it also.

While waiting for this new kit to be released, now is the time to build the cars that will bring the mountain water to the Wizard bottling plant.

Inspired by one that ran on the Central Pacific,
this 34' Truss Rod Vat Car
is now available in HO, S and O scales.


Private Train Sale

Here is a link to the lists of my personal trains stuff in multiple scales that I have decided to sell. This stuff has been locked away in storage for too many years, and it is now time to let someone enjoy it.

Since it is my personal stuff and not part of B.T.S., there are some different ordering requirements which are explained on the link. More stuff will continue to be added as I dig through several storage buildings to see what all is there.

Check the list often!!

Bill's Personal Sale Link


Yes!    I wrote a book!

Actually, I've written two and the third is in the works!

And no, I didn't take time away from B.T.S. to do it! My writing time is late at night after a full day creating, packing, and shipping kits and parts for you to enjoy.

Softcover, hardcover, and eBooks are now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Softcover and hardcover versions are available to order from B.T.S. Just add one to your next kit order. Happy to inscribe and sign it, if you like.

Please take a moment and click the link below to read the synopsis and/or order online.

Fair Winds of Death

The sequel to Fair Winds of Death - Fair Winds of Deceit - is ready with softcover, hardcover, and eBooks available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct. Hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of NIS Agent Marcus Colt!



McCabe Sawmill Series in HO, S, and O Scales!


Encore Series - HO & O Building Kits

Structures - HO, S, & O Craftsman Building Kits

Quick jump to the McCabe Series - HO, S, & O Logging Kits

Quick jump to the American Civil War Series - HO & O Kits

Car Shops - Craftsman Car Kits

Loco & Car Details - HO, S, & O Scale

Details - HO, S, & O Brass and White Metal Parts

Detail Clusters - More HO White Metal Parts

One-Niters - HO, S, & O Simple Kits

TT - TT Craftsman Kits


Attn: Hobby Shops! - How To Stock B.T.S. Products

All B.T.S. products are intended for adult modelers and are not intended for use by children under the age of 18.

Note.... The footprints listed are in scale feet. To convert to inches, divide by 7.25 for HO, 5.33 for S, 4 for O Scale, and 10 for TT scale.

And for some other railroading sites, try....

Floquil Conversion Table - All our kits specify Floquil. Since they
are gone, here is the closest matches from other companies.

O Scale Resource

O Scale Central

NASG - National Association of S Gaugers

We thank all of our troops for their continued fight in the war on terror! Keep up the good work, and keep your head down!!

Bill & Diane

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." - Thomas Paine

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
(Some say Burke did not say it. I don't care who said it; it is still a great phrase!)

Years have passed,
but the memory, anger, and determination are still strong.

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