Variations on
Hyde Pulp Mill

We have put extra effort into the design of this kit to give you an opportunity to have the mill fit your specific needs.

One rail siding fits between the two buildings and the other is on the water side of the model and extends onto the dock. We used code 70 dual gauge flex on this model, but either gauge will work. The rail siding can also be located on the north side of the main building.

Some folks have asked if it is necessary to place Hyde on the waterfront. Well, no. In the real world, the pulping process uses mass quantities of water, so this location is appropriate. However, the way the model is designed, the dock can be left off. The dock can be built as shown, or stretched out straight. We have lasered in all the nail holes on the deck for you. And we have designed the dock to use flex track since all the ties are hidden beneath the planking.

The auger in the chip storage bin can enter into the main building from the east end or from the north side. The conveyor can be moved to any of three sides of the bin; it would not look right on the same side as the auger.

The conveyor mechanism house can be on the side of the chipping shed as done on the display model, or against the back. Imagine stretching out the mill, chip bin, conveyor, and chipping shed in a straight line!

The office can be built as a stand-alone structure, or while still attached to the main building, it can be placed facing a different direction.

There are other possibilities, but you will figure them out when you start building!


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