Coon Gap Sawmill

This is part of the Encore Series!

Welcome back, our latest Encore Series kit...

The McCabe's Coon Gap Sawmill in O and S Scales.

It has been over 15 years since these kits has been available and we have heard many folks comparing it to hen's teeth due to the difficulty of finding one. The hunt will be over!!

This Master Creations' kit features removable roofs so you can show off the interior which includes brass castings for the bandsaw, edger, and swing saw as well as details for the sawfiler's area. There are a bunch of brass, white metal, and resin castings that are not shown in the photos.

Naturally, all of the other McCabe logging series kits, such as the boiler house, log dump, planing shed, tramway, drying kiln, etc., will work well with the Coon Gap Sawmill.

The kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, and includes a load of brass, plastic, & white metal detail castings. The Coon Gap Sawmill is in stock.

   #14085     Coon Gap Sawmill   O Scale   $ 849.95

   #04085     Coon Gap Sawmill   S Scale   $ 699.95


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