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Baldwin 2-6-2 #11

E.B.T.ís #11 was a 1908 Baldwin design and was the only 2-6-2 on the roster. It was the first loco on the E.B.T. to have a wide firebox. It vanished from the E.B.T in April 1943 and no one knows where it ended up. Perhaps it went to scrap, or went on to serve in the Pacific theater for the US Navy. The locomotive kits feature cab interior and all the details. Decals are in the box. And extra brass parts are included so you can build a slightly different version - a Pyle headlight & bracket, a generator, and a side-mounting whistle are in the box!

Available in Kit Form and Semi-Kit with assembled mechanism (Frame, cylinders, drivers, rods, and valve gear - motor will need to be installed), the #11 will be in high demand for collectors, those who want to accurately model the E.B.T., or those simply wishing to point to their locos proudly and say "I built it!"

Our kits consist of white metal and lost-wax brass castings and photoetched brass sheets. The tender shell is a urethane casting. Assembly can be done with low-temp solder, epoxy, or ACC. Only simple hand tools are required. When assembled and painted, you cannot distinguish our models from a full brass import.

These kits are made in small batches.

E.B.T.   2-6-2   #11

Sn3 - Full Kit #06106 Retired
Sn3 - Semi-Kit #06206 Retired

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