Bridge Crane

This is part of the Encore Series!

Over 20 years ago, this model was imported by Master Creations. We had our caster dig out the patterns and cast up a few more. In addition, we had him put a coat of black paint on the model.

Overhead bridge cranes were located at various places including the team track, large industries, and the freight house. It was used to move heavy loads to and from flats and gons.

The model is a brass import based upon one on the NYO&W. The hoist trolley is positionable on the bridge. The model is painted and ready for you to simply hang the hook and chain on the hoist. Naturally, a dusting of chalks, such as light gray and a bit of rust, will bring out the detail of the castings.

Approx. Size - scale 28 wide outside the footings with 21 clearance from ground to the bottom of the bridge. Models are in stock!

HO Scale


$ 79.95

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