Hyde Pulp Mill
Chipping Shed and Storage Bin

The Chipping Shed is the first stop pulpwood makes on the way to becoming paper. At the Hyde, the logs are unloaded by hand, the bark is stripped off and stored in the bin for resale, and the logs are manually fed into the mechanical chipper. The resulting chips are moved via conveyor into the storage bin. Daily a truck from the local tannery will come pick up the bark.

The kit has laser-cut wood and cardstock components and includes the shed, mechanical house, conveyor, and the storage bin. The approximate total footprint is 60' x 68'. Detail castings in brass, white metal and resin are included.

#14095.2       O Scale Chipping Shed and Storage Bin                         $ 219.95

This building houses the mechanism that runs the conveyor

In place on the Hyde complex.

Pump House kit (14095.5) installed next to the storage bin.

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