Hyde Pulp Mill
Shipping/Storage Building

Originally, the finished slabs of pulp were bailed and stored in the main building. However, with the increase in the size of boxcars, and the increased production of the mill, this storage area was quickly outgrown. The new structure was built just across the track from the main loading door, and since additional office space was needed, a second story was included in the design.

The photos shown here have the building positioned for use as a freight house, small factory, or any sort of supply company, so it is not strickly a Hyde complex kit. If building the Hyde complex, this is the second kit to build and install; it is key to positioning the main building.

The kit has laser-cut wood components and the model features the interior flooring, and positionable doors & windows. The approximate footprint is 64' x 30'. Detail castings in brass, white metal and resin are included.

#14095.3       O Scale Shipping/Storage Building                          $ 169.95

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