Godfrey Lighting Supply

In a small Ohio town, T. Godfrey carries on the lighting supply tradition started by his father years ago. Handling everything from small knob-and-tube components up to Hollywood searchlights, if Godfrey does not have it, you don't need it!

The kit features laser-cut basswood, cardstock and plywood; tabbed, easy construction; loads of brass and white metal detail castings; positionable window sashes and doors; signs, interior floors and walls; and a scale 81 x 15 footprint for the HO version. The O scale version has a footprint of a scale 76' x 15'. Details vary between scales; HO Model shown.

#27000     HO Scale Godfrey Lighting Supply           $ 89.95

#17000      O Scale Godfrey Lighting Supply           $ 159.95

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