Dodson Farm's Milk Platform

Best way to insure that Dodson Farm's Creamery had a good supply of milk was to make it easy for the dairymen to get it to them. For farms too far for the daily wagon or pickup drive, the company built platforms along the main line where milk cans could be dropped off for pickup by the local milk train. Empty cans were returned later.

As with all B.T.S. kits, this kit is laser cut and engineered for easy construction and features interior bracing and a positionable door.   Milk cans are included.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood and plywood.   The footprint is a scale 25' x 11'.   Track and scenery are not included.   The HO model is shown in the photos.   The platform was inspired by those serviced by the NYO&W Railway.

  HO and O Scale kits are in stock.


HO Scale


$ 19.95

O Scale


$ 34.95


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