Turner Metal Works

Mr Turner started a small machine shop right before the start of WWII, and his government contracts during the war helped his business grow and remain strong. Small to medium machining is done here by Turner and his small crew.

As with all B.T.S. kits, this kit is laser cut and engineered for easy construction. It features interior floor and walls, positionable doors and windows, peel and stick shingles, and several possible variations... the roof vent can be left off, and the loading dock can be placed in an offset position to create space for a truck loading area.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, cardstock, and plywood.   The footprint is a scale 40' x 39' over the dock and porch.   A few details, such as pallets and ladders, are not shown in the photos.   The S model is shown in the photos.


S Scale


$ 89.95

HO Scale


$ 59.95

O Scale


$ 119.95


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