McCabe Timber Gantry

Sitting in front of the car repair shop in the McCabe Rail Facility is the Timber Gantry. Used to unload parts and machinery, or lift a car for repair, the gantry spans two tracks. Overall footprint is about a scale 35' x 65 including the tool shed. Clearance inside the gantry is a scale 23 high and 48 wide.

The tool shed has a removable roof, full interior framing, individual battens, storage shelves, and work bench. A wood ladder, sawhorses, and over 20 junk and clutter detail castings are also included.

This kit consists of accurate laser-cut wood & cardstock components, styrene, brass & white metal details, and a fully-assembled & rigged brass hoist.

        #27491     HO McCabe Timber Gantry            $ 99.95

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