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Two-Stall Engine House

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, tarpaper roofing, detail castings, and loads of character. All doors are positionable open or closed. Individual vent slats in the roof clerestory provide a very realistic feature while being easy to construct. Interior features include scribed flooring, scribed walls, columns and beams, smoke funnels, and work benches.

The tabbed, well-engineered construction provides fast and easy assembly. The footprint of the building 41' x 101' with 12' x 24' Shop. Interior length of each stall is 96'.

The S version is discontinued.

Two-Stall Engine House
S Scale #08115 SOld Out
O Scale #17508 $ tba
HO Scale #27508 $ tba

Note - the model shown is not finished! Still have some details and weathering to add!!!

Sorry, locos are not included.

Customer Comments:

"I spent most of the weekend pouring over the directions and the contents of the box. My initial reaction was that it was too beautiful to touch.... The kit really is a masterpiece..."      Larry L.

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