GN 24' Berne Depot

The 24' square depot dated back to the 1800s, and was seen in several different configurations as they were upgraded and modified. This Berne, Washington depot was built around 1910, and was not retired until 1967. The depot had a waiting room/office, and living quarters for the station master.

The model depicts the depot prior to the addition of the freight door on the left side and the use of corrugated metal roofing in place of shingles. The later version, with the freight door and corrugated roofing, will be offered later. The interior walls are included as is the basic furniture for the office and waiting room. The scale 16' x 70' gravel platform is included.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, cardstock, and plywood with styrene, white metal, and brass castings. The tabbed construction, positionable peel-and-stick window sashes, and peel-and-stick three-tab shingles ease assembly. The overall footprint, including platform, is approximately a scale 70 x 47'.

GN 24' Berne Depot

O Scale #17555 $ 139.95
HO Scale #27555 $ 89.95

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