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2nd Street Series

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#112 2nd Street

This house is typical of the houses in all small towns across America dating from the early 1900's until today. At some time in the past, a kitchen extension was added to the back of the house and the shingled roof was replaced with metal roofing.

The sun&air-operated clothes dryer, aka clothes line, is included. This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, cardstock, styrene and plywood, and positionable doors and windows. The tabbed construction eases assembly. Interior floors and walls are included. Footprint is 17' x 34'.

#112 2nd Street
S Scale #07701 $ 49.95
0 Scale #17701 $ 59.95
HO Scale #27701 $ 39.95

2nd Street Series

#110 2nd St
#114 2nd St
#116 2nd St
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