B&O Fire Hose House

Fire is the nasty thing and sadly history shows that it happened often! So the railroads placed firefighting equipment around the rail yard in strategic places. Each fire hose house had a hydrant with one hose connected for quick action and other firefighting tools.

This kit was designed using the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s standard maintenance of way drawing no. 7686 dated August 1906, and consists of laser-cut basswood, cardstock, and plywood with decals and brass castings.

The overall footprint is approximately a scale 6’ x 6'. There are six fire hose houses in the HO kit and there will be three in the O scale version.


HO and O scale kits are in stock!

HO Scale



$ 39.95

O Scale



$ 39.95

Decals are in the kits, but some folks wanted them available separately.

A sheet contains 12 'Fire Hose' and two each of numbers ranging from NO.1 to NO. 12.

HO Scale


$ 3.95

O Scale


$ 5.50

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