American Flag Company

While Betsy Ross supposedly did the first one, L.C. Stephens and his crew have made many more 'Stars and Stripes' since the start of the American Flag Company in 1912. After serving in the Marine Corp in WWI, L.C. came home and went straight back to work. During the late 1920s, right before the Great Depression, L.C. added an elevator to the building and a sprinkler system. With all this and other maintenance done, the company survived the depression and continues to prosper today.

The American Flag Company is a perfect industry for that tight V-shaped space. The trapezoid shape, exterior stair case, loading dock, roof-top billboard & water tank, positionable windows and doors, and many brass & pewter detail castings make this laser-cut craftsman kit a ‘must have’ for any layout. Figures, signs, interior floors and walls, and grade crossing components are all included as well as a removable roof. Detail castings vary between scales.

Approx. scale footprint - 73’ x 40’(at the wide end).

HO, S and O kits are in Stock for Immediate Shipping!

American Flag Company

HO Scale #28108 $219.95
O Scale #18108 $389.95
S Scale #08108 $329.95


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