McCabe Derelict Shay

Nothing lasts forever, and this two-truck Shay has a problem that costs more to repair than the scrap value of the locomotive.

This kit is a bit different from the standard B.T.S. offering. It includes the basic parts needed to create a Shay under heavy repair or one ready for the scrap line. It is not the intent of this kit to build a complete Shay or one that will ever operate. The instructions will provide the steps of the basic assembly, and some suggestions for the final detailing. There are extra parts that can be used either on the loco or as some of the junk and clutter around the scene. There is no limit to the variations that can be created by adding or leaving off different parts and various pipes. Experiment with different looks and have fun.

The kit consists of injected styrene and white metal MDC Shay parts, laser-cut wood and styrene, and brass and white metal details. It is available with standard gauge or HOn3 wheelsets.

        #28310     HO McCabe Derelict Shay                $ 69.95

        #28311     HOn3 McCabe Derelict Shay            $ 69.95

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