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Evans Gondola

In 1975, the Southern Iron and Equipment Co. started building a 52'6", 100-ton gondola. Evans took over SIECO and continued building the cars through December 1981. A total of 1,730 cars were built with three minor body variations. This model represents the second version, and the most common.

The unpainted kits consists of high-quality, no-odor urethane castings for the body and frame, and brass & white metal brake components. Easy assembly with ACC or epoxy. Less decals, trucks, and couplers.

Evans Gondola Kit

O Scale - #19201 $ 99.95

Maine Central Gondola Decals O Scale - #12720 - $ 7.95 In Stock! S Scale - #02720 - $ 8.95 In Stock!

CNW Gondola Decals O Scale - #12721 - $ 5.95 In Stock! S Scale - #02721 - $ 6.95 In Stock! A photo of a CNW gon lettering style can be seen here.

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