Dictator Mortar & Flatcar

Dictator Mortar & Flatcar

According to notes on civilwaralbum.com, a 13" mortar was used by Gen. Grant's forces during the siege of Petersburg. The mortar required 14 pounds of black powder to throw a 225-pound ball two miles into Petersburg. The ball was fused to explode at tree level and was filled with 11 pounds of powder. It was called the "Dictator". Originally mounted on a special reinforced flatcar, it was moved by Union forces by rail. Its use in the Petersburg siege was limited to four months, being fired only 218 times by the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery. Nobody knows what happened to the original "Dictator."

The flatcar body length is a scale 14'-2". The flatcar model consists of laser-cut wood and cardstock components with hardware in plastic and lost-wax brass castings. The O scale version includes truck parts for building it either in P48 or standard 5' O Scale.

The mortar is made from urethane castings and features a positionable barrel. The kit includes the walkway and car stop shown in the photo as seen in the famous Petersburg photograph. This model is intended to be a static piece of scenery and is not designed for operation.

#29506      HO Scale Dictator Mortar & Flatcar            $ 36.95

#19506       O Scale Dictator Mortar & Flatcar              $ 49.95

The mortar is also available without the flatcar
for fixed mounting. Go to the link at the right.

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