USMRR Conductor Car

USMRR Conductor Car

Before the caboose, the Conductor Car was the place for the train captain to hang his hat. This car is patterned after ones seen in the few photos from the war era. Starting life as a standard house car, the roads added extra grab irons, steps, windows, and a stove inside. The boxes at the top corners were for the lanterns to help mark the end of the train.

The model features the interior bracing, flooring, and positionable doors and windows. The body length is a scale 25'-10".

The model features laser-cut wood and cardstock components with hardware in plastic and lost-wax brass. Less decals, trucks and couplers. Correct HO decals are available from Microscale and the trucks shown on the HO model are made by Bethlehem Car Works. B.T.S. makes the decals in O scale.

#29513       HO USMRR Conductor Car                          $ 26.95

#19513       O USMRR Conductor Car                               $ 42.95 

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