USMRR Peaked Roof House Car

USMRR Peaked Roof House Car

About one-third of the freight rolling stock during the early 1860's was the boxcar, often called a 'house car.' The railroads were in the early stages of development, and so were the freight cars. Boxcars of this type with varying details were seen in many of the early war photos.

This peaked-roof car allows the modeler some flexibility. The truss rods were just coming into popularity, and they varied between four truss rods, two on the outside of the car, or two near the center beam. Our model will build into any of these versions.

In addition, the model features the interior bracing, flooring, and positionable doors. The body length is a scale 25'-10".

The model features laser-cut wood and cardstock components with hardware in plastic and lost-wax brass. Less decals, trucks and couplers.

#29515       HO USMRR Peaked Roof House Car                          $ 20.95

#19515       O USMRR Peaked Roof House Car                             $ 36.95 

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