Cabin Creek
Coal Tipple

This is part of the Encore Series!

The name 'tipple' is derived from the time when men would push carts full of coal to the bunker and tip them over for dumping. Wood was used as the building material of choice until some time in the late 1920's when metal framing became faster to build and cheaper to use. Wood tipples lasted into the 1950's in some areas.

The Cabin Creek Coal Tipple is a composite of several different tipples located in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Three tracks are serviced here. A power house, the place where a small steam engine generates electricity to run the machinery of the tipple, is provided as is a small storage shed. From the back of the conveyor house at the top, a conveyor runs up the mountain side to the drift mine.

The kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, and includes a load of brass, plastic, & white metal detail castings. The peel&stick window sashes and doors can be installed open or closed. Overall footprint is about a scale 180' x 95' and is serviced by three tracks. Scenery materials and hopper cars are not included.


S Scale

Cabin Creek Coal Tipple

$ 589.95


O Scale

Cabin Creek Coal Tipple

$ 689.95


HO Scale

Cabin Creek Coal Tipple

$ 329.95



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