Rio Grande Wood Caboose

Built right after the turn of the century, these wood cabooses survived later than most people believe; how about some that ran into the 1960's? They did not even receive AB brake gear until 1953-54. So from the early days of the 2-8-0 up to branchline service behind a Geep, these cabs will handle the work!

The kit consists of detailed urethane castings for the walls, ends, frame, roof, and cupola. And the interior parts - bunks, cabinets, stove, coffee pot - are included! Additional details are urethane, brass, plastic, etc., as needed. Archbar trucks, couplers, and decals are not included.

#9011 D&RGW #01100-series Wood Caboose       $ 74.95

Thanks to Sundance Publication for the use of their photo!

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