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Production S Scale Car Shown

4-Bay H21 Hopper

Starting in 1911, 70-ton H21a "quad" hoppers were introduced for coal service. During the 1920's, H21 hoppers were converted to H21a's by replacing the 50-ton trucks with 70-ton trucks. The original hoppers were built with the "old style" double-door configuration. During the 1930s and 40s, all old-style double-door hoppers were were replaced with the "saw tooth" hopper.

The unpainted S Scale kit consists of high-quality, no-odor urethane castings for the body and brass brake components. Easy assembly with ACC or epoxy. Less decals, trucks and couplers.

H21 Hopper Kit

S Scale - #09204 - Sold out


Production S Scale Car Shown

Production S Scale Car Shown

Production S Scale Car Shown

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