S Scale Electrics


#06700     PRR MP-54

#06701     TBA

#06702     TBA

Standard Information

The Electrics feature:

Bodies are made from either Urethane Castings or Etched Brass and White Metal Other features include: Brass and/or White Metal Details Kadee® Couplers RP25, Code 110 Wheels Available in Kit Form. Some will be available R-T-R

Please note that this is not a ‘trial balloon’ to see if there is interest or not; these loco kits are being made. And while these are not intended to be limited editions, if the first batch is slow selling, it will not be re-run.

The R-T-R locos are built to order. Allow approximately two-three months for delivery.

Shipping: U.S. $5.00, Canada $6.00
           Overseas will be billed actual amount; specify AIR or SURFACE when ordering.

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