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Sn3 Production Sample Shown

Tank Car, #116

Built on the steel flatcar #116, this car is still alive and well in the yards in Rockhill Furnace, PA.

The Sn3 tank car consists of a urethane frame with a photoetched and rolled brass tank, brass deck, and brass details. This car is available fully assembled, painted, lettered, and with couplers installed. NWSL wheelsets are used in the B.T.S. brass Vulcan Trucks. Only 25 cars will be made!

The On3 version will be a full brass model and is due in the summer of 2007.

The last of the Sn3 cars are in stock - most cars are painted and lettered. Order ASAP if you want one of these.

E.B.T. Tank Car, #116, Sn3
#09106 - Sold Out

E.B.T. Tank Car, #116, On3
#19106 - $    tba

Production Sample Shown

correct rivets on the dome

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