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The B.T.S. has started a line of craftsman TT structures using laser-cutting technology, scale lumber, plaster, urethane, brass, and white metal castings as needed to provide the model builder with accurate and highly-detailed kits.

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Passenger Station 22' x 40' #37400       In Stock     $24.95
Loading Dock 15' x 78' #37506       In Stock     $13.95
Ballasted Deck Trestle 16' x 50' #37103       In Stock     $16.95
Single-Stall Switcher Shed 22' x 70' #37502       In Stock     $39.95
Willet's Supply Co. 24' x 45' #37435       In Stock     $39.95
Three-Tab Shingles 7 sq in +/- #31010       In Stock       $3.50

More kits are being designed and built for future release. Watch this page for release announcements!

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