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Company House

With the need for a strong workforce in isolated areas, coal and timber companies found that the establishment of company towns provided a means for attracting and controlling the labor supply. Workers rented the houses from the company, bought at the company store, and as a result, workers owed their souls to the company store as related in the 1950s song, "16 Tons." The company houses ranged in size from small to large, single story to two-story, and a variety of duplex designs. This company house was inspired by one from Pickshin, WV.

The kit includes the piling to build it for a level surface or for a sloped location. Interior partitions are included as are positionable doors and windows.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood and plywood, and tar-paper roofing. A urethane chimney and some white metal and brass details are included. The tabbed construction provides for easy assembly. The footprint is about 31' x 35'.

Company House

S Scale #07237 $ tba
O Scale #17237 $ 54.95
HO Scale #27237 $ 37.95

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