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Shotgun House
Type One

Shotgun houses are so named because, supposedly, a shotgun fired through the front door would pass straight through the house and out the back door. Rooms were as wide as the house, and had doors that connected straight through. These were typically used as low-cost housing for the low-income workers of the South. Many are still in use today, and some have been restored to a level of grandeur that did not exist when they were first built.

This new kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, metal roofing (S and O versions have tarpaper roofing), detail castings, and loads of character. It was based upon the typical Shotgun House found all over. The windows and doors are positionable; window sashes are self-adhesive wood to make glazing much easier. The tabbed, well-engineered construction provides fast and easy assembly. The footprint is about 17' x 52'.

Shotgun House, Type One
S Scale #07300 $38.95
O Scale #17300 $54.95
HO Scale #27300 $27.95
HO Scale - 3-Pack #27301 $74.95

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