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The East Broad Top hauled coal until the mid-1950ís and today still carries tourists. Connecting with the Pennsylvania Railroad at Mt. Union, PA, this 36"-gauge railroad featured a unique series of Baldwin 2-8-2 locomotives, steel coal hoppers, and loads of charm.

B.T.S. is offering a growing series of scale products and kits that will allow the modeler to easily and accurately build the E.B.T.!

Laser-cut kits of the all-important structures, including the magnificent Orbisonia Depot, are being released at a leisurely pace giving the modeler time to enjoy building a well-engineered kit. The various stations, the water tanks, sanding facilities, and other buildings that make the E.B.T. the classy railroad that it is, will feature the most accurate details possible.

And the pinnacle of the project is the E.B.T. steam locomotives! #6 a standard gauge 0-6-0 is available in S scale, and #12, the first E.B.T. 2-8-2, is available in Sn3 and On3. @-6-2 #11 is available in Sn3.

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Tank Cars
Flat Cars
Wood Boxcars
Various Stations
    Three Springs
    Saltillo Tank
Sanding Facilities
Engine Houses
Steam Locomotives
    #11 2-6-2
    #12 2-8-2
Friends of the East Broad Top
E.B.T. Photos

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Cabin Creek

Goin' Home

New River Yard

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