34' Truss Rod Gondola

S Version shown

34' Truss Rod Gondola

The gondola is an offshoot of our 34' flatcar that was inspired by an early drawing for one running on the V&T. This was before the time of air brakes, and the car featured link & pin couplers when built. Adding additional stakes and the side and end boards created an early gondola. Two optional end sill steps are included.

The model features laser-cut wood with hardware in plastic and/or brass. Less decals, trucks and couplers.

      #09604       S Scale        34' Truss Rod Gondola                 $ 39.95

      #19604       O Scale       34' Truss Rod Gondola                 $ 42.95

      #29604       HO Scale    34' Truss Rod Gondola                 $ 24.95

S Version shown

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