B&O M-2 Box Car

HO Version

B&O M-2 Box Car

This car is a representation of the B&O M-2 from 1870. While no photos have been found of the actual M-2, B&O equipment drawings for the M-2 and photos of other cars of the era were used to finalize the details and make it as accurate as possible.

The ends of the M-2 feature the Perkins' herringbone design. It has the early radial roof and the kit includes the optional end door. Side and end doors are positionable. Interior framing is included.

The model consists of laser-cut wood and cardstock components with hardware in plastic and brass. Less decals, trucks and couplers. MDC Archbar trucks are shown on the model.

      #29425       HO Scale    B&O M-2 Box Car                 $ 20.95

      #19425       O Scale       B&O M-2 Box Car                 $ 44.95

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