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Life is getting so very
much more hectic around here.

For the rest of the year, I will be in and out of the office working on a big outdoor project. If you get the phone message during our usual 10AM-5PM Monday-Friday operating hours rather than a real person, please call back later or the next day.

Email or fax orders would be best due to the haphazard phone ordering issues caused by the need for me to be out of the office.

I greatly appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting things back to normal.




Latest O Scale Encore Kit

Is Done!

O scale models (#1-#7) shown above

Hyde Pulp Mill
In O Scale!

The O Scale Hyde complex consists of seven kits.

They are all finished!

Click here to get started now!!



The HO version is in stock as a single kit!



Master Creations' Kit
HO & O Scale Kits are in Stock!

S Scale coming back in Jan 2019!

Howard Brothers Feed & Grain Complex



Update on the Babbitt Railway Supply line
of O scale locomotive kits.

Unpacking and sorting continues. What a mess!!
Hope to have the parts available for you soon. Sorry for the delay!


McCabe Sawmill Series in HO, S, and O Scales!


Encore Series - HO & O Building Kits

Structures - HO, S, & O Craftsman Building Kits

Quick jump to the McCabe Series - HO, S, & O Logging Kits

Quick jump to the American Civil War Series - HO & O Kits

Loco Shops - Craftsman Loco Kits

Car Shops - Craftsman Car Kits

Loco & Car Details - HO, S, & O Scale

Details - HO, S, & O Brass and White Metal Parts

Detail Clusters - More HO White Metal Parts

One-Niters - HO, S, & O Simple Kits

TT - TT Craftsman Kits


Greenbrier Railroad Models - S Scale Brass Models

N Scale Want B.T.S. kits in N Scale? We license our kits to Republic Loco Works and they make them!

Attn: Hobby Shops! - How To Stock B.T.S. Products

Customer Comments & Photos - Kits out of the box!'

Since 1979, B.T.S. has been servicing the model railroading community.

B.T.S. has a growing line of craftsman kits in TT, S, O and HO scales. Using laser-cutting technology, scale lumber, urethane and white metal castings as needed, B.T.S. kits provides the model builder with accurate and highly-detailed results. The Master Creations' line is part of the B.T.S. family of products.

B.T.S. has a line of brass S Scale details for locomotives and cars. Over 100 castings are in stock and ready to ship!

Importing brass models from Korea is another part of the B.T.S. service. Greenbrier Railroad Models are available only from B.T.S.

All B.T.S. products are intended for adult modelers and are not intended for use by children under the age of 18.

Note.... The footprints listed are in scale feet. To convert to inches, divide by 7.25 for HO, 5.33 for S, 4 for O Scale, and 10 for TT scale.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our web site and ask that you come back often. Things are always changing here, and no one knows what will happen next.

Take care,

E-mail - 24-Hour Access

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are gone, here is the closest matches from other companies.

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Portland Car & Foundry - A B.T.S. Business Partner

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