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W&W Deer Lick Station

According to Koehler and Gayvert in Three Feet on the Panhandle, the Waynesburg and Washington Railroad was a three-foot, narrow gauge line formed in 1875 in southwestern Pennsylvania. Acquired by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1885, it was a steam railroad until 1933 when the last fire was dropped. Rail service continued until the late 1950ís using gas-powered vehicles.

Deer Lick is located near milepost 19 about one-third of the way from Waynesburg to Washington. It consisted of two joined frame buildings and a small freight platform. Very few photos of the station exist today.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood and plywood with styrene roofing. Doors and window sashes can be installed opened or closed. The tabbed construction eases assembly. Interior floor is included. Footprint is about 91' x 23'.

W&W Deer Lick Station
HO Scale #27601 $ 49.95

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