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The "Goin' Home" series pays tribute to life in rural America during the first half of the Twentieth Century. Unless raised in New York City, each of us has memories of our home town back when we were growing up. Life seemed sweeter, the summers were longer, and the trains were better. Makes you smile just thinking about it.

Now you can recreate it on your layout. Future releases include a other shotgun houses, a sharecropper’s shack, a tobacco barn, and many of the small town buildings that helped define our way of life.

Goin' Home Projects

Anderson Pulpwood Yard
Elliott & Sons Supply
Tobacco Barn
Shotgun House, Type I
Shotgun House, Type II

Other Projects


Cabin Creek

New River Yard


Send an E-Mail with your comments and suggestions. Perhaps there is something that we need to add to these projects! Your input is extremely important as we make decisions about the direction of these ongoing, and our future, projects.

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