Special Projects

The Railroad Yard: a place filled with some very specialized buildings and lots of excitement. In our New River Yard, you will find the structures that make up the large rail division point. Roundhouses, offices, shop buildings, storage sheds, freight houses, locomotive service facilitites, and lots more.

Using prototype structures that have a generic look, we will be offering everything needed to built a complete rail yard. And there will be enough different kits to allow you to build a yard that fits your specific needs. For example, we will have engine houses built from wood, stone, and brick, ranging in size from the small switcher shed to a roundhouse capable of holding a Big Boy.

We have gotten started on the New River Yard. The first two kits are now available in S scale, with HO and O scales coming right behind them.

New River Yard

Freight Station
MOW Shed
Switcher Shed
Handcar Shed
Welding Shop
Repair Shed
N.G. Boxcar Storage Shed

Other Projects


Cabin Creek

Goin' Home


Send an E-Mail with your comments and suggestions. Perhaps there is something that we need to add to these projects! Your input is extremely important as we make decisions about the direction of these ongoing, and our future, projects.

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