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Nickel Plate Depot

Green Springs Depot

West of Bellevue, Ohio stands Green Springs Junction. Until around 1972, the NKP used this station. Over the years, the original depot was modified with large doors in the baggage room. The one on the front of the depot provided covered storage for a handcar.

This kit consists of laser-cut basswood, plywood, and cardstock, self-adhesive shingles and window sashes, detail castings, and loads of character. It was based upon a Nickel Plate Road prototype. The doors are positionable, and floor and interior partitions are included. The tabbed, well-engineered construction provides fast and easy assembly. The footprint is about 26' x 52'.

Green Springs Depot
S Scale #07162 $89.95
O Scale #17162 $109.95
HO Scale #27162 $49.95

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