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McCabe Sawmill Interior & Machinery

Now you can get the machinery designed for the Slatyfork Sawmill. A complete sawmill interior kit, including all the needed machinery for the double band saw mill (two band saws, two edgers, two swing saws, two log carriages, and lots of rollers as shown in the drawing above) and details for the sawfiler's area, figures, and assorted clutter is available. The interior kit also includes the overhead belt drive components and the transfer used to bring the lumber down to the loading dock. Over 1,000 parts are in this kit to make the Slatyfork Sawmill interior complete. Most components can be adapted to other mills.


There seems to be a little confusion about what we mean by 'a complete sawmill interior kit.' Here is some of what is in the box...... for the main sawmill floor there are two band saws, two edgers, two swing saws, two log carriages and tracks, eight sets of rollers, lumber transfer, hog chutes, control stands, overhead drive belt hanger and belts for the swing saws, cants, workers, and even some sawdust. For the sawfile's area, there are two blade hoists, workbenches, shelves, blade stands, extra blades, desk, chair, sawhorses, ladder, tools, anvil, and junk & clutter. No logs are included since the diameter of the logs is based upon the area you are modeling.


In addition, individual kits for the band saw, edger, swing saw, rollers, and log carriage are now available. Inspired by prototypes from R. R. Howell, Cordesmann Machine, and Corinth, these components have been designed to fit the Slatyfork Sawmill, but will work in many other situations as well.

These Master Creations' kits consist of laser-cut basswood, plywood, cardstock, and brass, plastic, and white metal detail castings. The metal components of the band saw, edger, and swing saw are lost-wax brass castings that are already assembled, ready for you to attach the blades.

These are available direct only from B.T.S..


#08301       S Scale       Complete Interior Kit       $ 399.95

In Stock!

#18301       O Scale       Complete Interior Kit       $ 499.95

In Stock.

#28301      HO Scale     Complete Interior Kit        $ 269.95

In Stock.

The interior photos were taken in an O Scale cutaway sawmill to better show the components. The upper end of the jack slip and the two log decks are part of the sawmill kit and are not shown here. Figures, and additional junk and clutter in the sawfiler's area, have yet to be installed.




Individual Components

These are include in the Complete Interior Kit above.

5' Band Saw

The saw includes a scale 8' square base. The saw stands about nine scale feet above the base and extends a scale four feet below. A metal blade is included - caution: It is Sharp!

#08302       S Scale       5' Band Saw       $ 34.95

#18302       O Scale       5' Band Saw       $ 39.95

#28302       HO Scale     5' Band Saw       $ 19.95


The edger and rollers have a footprint of a scale 37' x 6'. The lost-wax brass rollers are a scale 4' wide.

#08303       S Scale       Edger             $ 44.95

#18303       O Scale       Edger             $ 49.95

#28303       HO Scale     Edger             $ 24.95


The roller frames have a footprint of a scale 26' x 3.5'. The lost-wax brass rollers are a scale 30" wide. There are two sets of rollers in the kit.

#08304       S Scale       Rollers         $ 24.95

#18304       O Scale       Rollers         $ 29.95

#28304       HO Scale     Rollers         $ 17.95

Swing Saw

The swing saw has a footprint of a scale 16' x 6'. It can be built with the saw on the left or right end of the rollers.

#08305       S Scale       Swing Saw        $ 44.95

#18305       O Scale       Swing Saw        $ 49.95

#28305       HO Scale     Swing Saw        $ 24.95

Log Carriage & Track

A cable pulled the carriage from each end and this cable went below the floor to the winch drums. The log carriage has a footprint of a scale 71' x 7'. The scale 20' carriage is positionable on the track, but is not designed to move. The kit includes the rail and spikes.

#08306       S Scale       Log Carriage & Track        $ 54.95

#18306       O Scale       Log Carriage & Track        $ 59.95

#28306       HO Scale     Log Carriage & Track        $ 34.95

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